Saturday, February 11, 2006

Paws In The Park 2006 - Can't Touch This!

Ms. Olive thought she was just the shit today getting to shake her booty all around Lake Eola. Of course, she also thought that the 800 or so pussies and bitches that showed up were there to celebrate her hotness but really, they were there to do their part to raise money for the SPCA.

The sassy one herself, Olive in the park.

Paws in the Park 2006 brought out all the celebrities! Look! It's Pluto and Dom DeLuise!

Hey! It's our friend Christy and some great pals from the Orlando Boston Terrier Meet-Up Group, Polly, Tug and Kermit! Christy did a great job getting the group organized for this morning's Bawston cawfee clutch. Olive of course was anti-social and absent from the photo. Probably smoking a cigarette somewhere. She loves being the bad girl at the party!

This is how Olive spent most of the rest of Paws in the Park. Well... both there and up in my arms. Embarrassingly, I had to carry her like a sack of spoiled potaters all the way around Lake Eola. I think being up there gave her the ability to lord over everyone else. She was being a bit of a snob today. You could just tell that she was mortified at all of the uncivilized butt sniffing going on around her and don't even get her started about the community water dishes that the nice folks at the SPCA put out, she wouldn't touch any of them for fear of contamination from "mixed" breeds.


Olive and some random homeless person she convinced to carry her around the lake. Orlando has the trendiest (and most obliging) homeless in the country! By the way, I happen to know that this good Samaritan got nothing but dirty paw marks and flatulence as his thanks.

On her way back home, Olive encountered a really twisted tree. With a tree like this, there was only one thing left to do!...

Climb that shit!

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crit said...

miss olive WAS a sassy bitch at paws.

love the dress! green is definitely her "signature color".