Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Beta Is Back!

I'm back from Coachella y'all!
I had a great time (to say the least) and there is so much to tell but...hell if I didn't just get in at 6am! First and foremost because they mean to much to me, thank you to Stephanie, Christy, Mike, Kristen, James, Devan and Kelly for being with me through all of the Ch-Chings, near-death Ford Expedition maneuvers and my Grandpa Kelley moments in genearal. I LOVE YOU!

"Bitch, did you know you're orange?"


coffeygirlb said...

Ahhh, that is so you with Santino!! I watched Jay, even tivoed it instead of Big Love but didn't see you!!!! You owe me this weeks episode of Big Love:) Glad you had fun. It sounds like somethiing i'd really enjoy. Road trip..Music. whats not to love?

betamike said...

I was right up front at Jay. When I watched the play back, I could see myself in the second camera angle with my hands over my head...and my loud plaid vest. But the rest of the lot are my Coachella crew.

Ummm, sorry about Big Love. Better get HBO In Demand!

stephanie said...

My parents saw you on Leno!! :)

I got home and slept for almost five hours! And I'm still exhausted and finding dust and grass in crevices I didn't know I had. (Did I just say that out loud?)

I had the best time! Thank you, Mike, and the rest of the crew for being so amazingly laid back and hysterical! Cha Ching!!!

crit said...

cha ching... indeed!

tom forgot to tivo leno. boo!

can you burn it to a dvd for me, betamike?

James said...

Rollin' Rosie is sendin' some love back to you!

Cha Ching!