Thursday, April 27, 2006

Coachella Bound

The anticipation has come and made its home in a very comfortable spot right below my rib cage. I love the heavy, heady feeling I get right before I start a new journey.
Tomorrow (and as this is going to posting status) I will be well on my way to Indio, California for the two day cultural curriculum that is the Coachella Music and Arts Festival.

Last year at this time I was making my maiden voyage to this 6 year old establishment with three of my closest friends, feeling like I was going to college all over again; virgin territory, big kids who knew their shit, me being all nebbish and what not.

This year though, I am full-on a Sophmore taking the honors courses. Hell yes, I packed way too much crap this time around but the emotions I feel just before I leave need a little extra padding. This year we are back in full effect with a total of 8 people. Our little family has grown.
The magic of a place like Coachella (nee' The Indio Polo Fields) rests with the educated, cool crowds that it attracts. It's tranquil atmosphere parenthetically bolstered by purple mountains and lush green grass. Sure there is the random tweaker kid with a glow stick permanently attached to his sweaty palm but for the most part, the people there are serious about opening their mind to music they might not have ever had a chance to listen to had it not been for an act they stumbled upon in one of the heavenly white tents.
My friend Christy is the one who showed me around this experience the first time, last year was her second go around. This year, I have the opportunity and pleasure of introducing Coachella to three cherished friends who I see squirming with excitement and anticipation just as I did last year. It has been fun sharing tips and tricks (hide your Sharpie marker, eat first when the festival opens) with them, passing on the big brother torch.
I'll be back on Wednesday exhausted and probably not ready to translate into words what probably can't be described anyway, but I will do my best as soon as I can.
Watch for the 8 of us on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Monday, May 1st. Yours truly should be front and center at the beginning of the show along with my Coachella pals, then seated right in front about 20 feet away from Franz Ferdinand! I can't guarantee you what I will be wearing but let's just say, I usually stand out. Probably the one red as a beet.
Anyway, if you care to be interested, check out last year's fun by clicking the Coachella links to the right.


Brian said...

Yay for Coachella! I hope you have a great time and will be hoping to hear a good review of you know who's performance. C'mon, you know you can't resist the old gal.

Olive said...


I am going to miss you...


crit said...

Coachella... here we come!