Saturday, May 26, 2007

Barcelona Day 2 - Gothic-y

Today we began at Parc Montjuic at the top of the city where the view is breathtaking! This section of town reminds me a lot of Bel Aire in Los Angeles with it's winding roads and quaint hidden little parks. Situated at the top of a small mountain, we passed the site of the 1992 Olympics where we saw the Olympic torch and the men and women's high dive pavilion that was so famously featured during the games. As I was here on business especial, I did my little media thang then enjoyed the multitude of oral delights that today's agenda offered...and I had some pork.

Next stop was La Rambla which is the place to eat, shop and loose your wallet. According to locals, this is the second most dangerous street for your back pocket in the world! Yikes! Never you mind I didn't have much money to begin with. La Rambla is filled with anything that you can imagine from the familiar like Diesel to farmer's markets and street vendors selling squirrels (wtf!) to the amazing artistry of the living statues.
Having a free moment to break away from tapas and most of all, PORK, I ventured into the Hard Rock Cafe to get a taste of something familiar. As if a sign from above, the seating hostess sat me right next to Brian Bell from Weezer's guitar! The same one he used in the "Make Believe" video.
La Rambla is a maze of corridors and side streets. You never know what you will find if you just take a few moments and explore. This was my absolute favorite shop....ever!! Ever since I had read the Candy Blog and heard of European chocolates that are spiced with all kinds of funky things, I have been a man on a mission and this place did not dissapoint. I found chocolate flavored with black pepper, olive oil, rose petals, gin and tonic and curry!!!!
Being this close to the old Gothic quarter, it is my recommendation that you take time and explore the origins of Barcelona away from the hustle and bustle. You will be glad you did.
The cathedral in the gothic quarter has more stories and history behind it than most churches around the world. This is the first stop Christopher Columbus made upon his return from America so that he could baptise the native Americans that he brought back with him. Pretty significant to think that the first true Americans ever to set foot on this continent came to this very spot. Where's my Lee Greenwood tape and a boombox!

Of course the great thing about Barcelona is that it is a very cosmopolitain city. Gucci and Prada boutiques are like McDonald's here...they are everywhere! Strolling back from a nice pork free dinner we stumbled across the Gaudi designed Casa Batllo (owned by Chupa Chups, I shit you not) that I told you about earlier. You can tour this place for 16 Euro and see how progressive Gaudi was, he was a freakin' genius. Unfortunately, the days go by quick here. It's usually daylight when it's 9 p.m. and before you know it, it's time for supper then bed.


stephanie said...

My leader went to Barcelona just a couple of months back and he brought back a chocolate bar for me with rose petals inside. It was amazing!! Sounds like you're having a great time!!! I'm loving the updates!

kelis said...

I, too, want you to know how much i love the updates. we feel like we're with you...because, we sure do miss you not being here, my love. im glad that you are haivng fun and sure cant wait to hear more about your spanish, kelis

JohnnyBerry™ said...

Anyway... I notice the phrase "I shit you not" was used.

Need I remind you: