Saturday, January 10, 2009

Golden Girls House

If you are like me, the legend of Bigfoot, Area 51, and that mysterious Twinkie filling holds no weight against the mystery of the Golden Girls house.
This is my very poor attempt to "fix" some of the implausible scenarios that the Golden Girls series left us with. How do the girls get to the garage through the kitchen when it is obvious that they are on opposite ends of the house? Is Rose's room in the fifth dimension? Just where was that gigantic blue bathroom anyway?
I know that we will never have a true understanding of how the house was laid out, but if you can believe that Enrique Mas and Pepe the boxer were two different people (played by the same actor), then I suppose you could plausibly believe this as their sprawling ranch style at 6151 Richmond Street, Miami, Florida


Jeremy said...

That is beyond awesome. Mink cages. Ha!

Beta Mike said...

Thanks! It's the little details that count.