Saturday, June 25, 2005

All Shook Down


Shooky baby!!!
My good friend Stephanie Shook has now allowed access to her beautiful mind for all to enjoy, appreciate this gift. Without a doubt my longest, dearest and best friend, I met Stephanie in 1994 on the Walt Disney World College program at a time when the world seemed so magical and when I'm around her, it still does. Always the source I go to when I need to know what is new or cutting edge in the music scene, Steph is right on. Beautiful and talented and mine! But I'll share. Plus you gotta love the name of her blog! All Shook Down! Give her a visit and a shout! And Steph..."Neil, you're bedroom's on fire!"


stephanie said...

Thanks for the plug! You're a sweetie, and I love you!! But, honey, the name is "all shook down." Witty, eh?

betamike said...

AAAH!! I am such a goober. I went ahead and changed it so it's official. Just so everyone knows, I totally called it All Shook Up earlier. Misuse of a name...or complete genius? Hmmmm

crit said...

Right on betamike. Steph is the greatest.