Saturday, June 25, 2005

Day Trippin' Ormond Beach

I must remember to keep a day planner with me at all times, otherwise I wouldn't find myself racing down I-95 slightly over the speed limit to attend the renewal of my close relative's sister and brother-in-law's wedding vows. By the way, why do people do this? This all comes on the heels of thinking I was going to have to work and miss the entire affair only to find out the day before that I actually opened and could...possibly...make it. Possibly. This was also after I made plans with my friend Theo to see Land of the Dead (as previously announced). Hmmmm. Let's see, horror function. How long do I have to decide again? They are basically the same but one is like live theater I chose the family function. There is no room for second takes and I have a front row seat! Must remember to also bring a camera!
The Vows of Ormond Beach
The vows were performed using a sign language interpreter as much of my close relative's family is deaf. Sooooo, that pretty much explains the strange "hands" man. Ooookay
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Julie and her parents become "official"
No, not what you think even if they are from Ocala. This was a part of the ceremony to signify that Julie and her mom and dad are now part of the same circle. Something I had never seen done before but a neat idea. If you think about it, it is a nice way for her to be there at the wedding she missed.
It looks like it took
Scientifically symbolic of a successful renewal of vows or just a really good time to kiss.
The Vows performer fixer-upper guy

Ladies and Gentlemen, my close relative...Foggy Haze!
A clue to the DaVinci Code?
This was the most detailed sand castle I had ever seen. So elaborate it even had a place to jab the staff of Ra into it. Sadly no Temple of Souls appeared.
There's nothing more rebellious than sand grafitti!
Scary straight edge kids of Ormond Beach were here, apparently even the pasty need sun.
Mmmm...Thanks I guess
Because if this is a surfing area and not a bathing area then both bathers and surfers need to watch out for the surfers for whose area this is designated for.
Bubby Faye
The mother of the bride
Bauhaus grill
I'm just a grill. I'm like a Leonard Cohen album, no one loves me.
Giant Metal Arrow
The cryptic sand castle/village pointed me to the ominous arrow which in turn pointed to a very ominous palm. I then noticed it was directly under the Sonny's BBQ table and I thusly called off the treasure hunt. Pulled Pork!!!
Who doesn't really. Call me Scott Cook you bastard!!!!
Bernice has left her cake out in the rain
The vows renewal cake signifying 10 years of devotion. It's a little wore out.


crit said...

i enjoy talking with my hands too. although, i am still trying to figure out what the guy was saying in the first pic.

communication breakdown
washing machine
closed captioning

however, none of the above stated would really be appropriate at a wedding. although, i don't know these people, so maybe it would!

things that make you go hhmmmmm....

betamike said...

Chuck was probably gossiping about the minister knowing him.