Monday, June 27, 2005

Positively Worried about Nothing

Life seems to be going swimmingly for me lately but not anything to jump up and down about. I have my routine and I like my routine...I hate to break my routine. So when there is nothing going on, I tend to focus and worry about things that are nothing to worry about. I get this from my mom. It is one of my defining characteristics but only one that you get to see if you are around me constantly. On the outset, I seem like I could care less. I suppose this is why Blogs are good and everyone has one. You can get a lot off your chest because you feel like you are talking to some audience hidden by the bright light from off stage. It isn't so bad when you can't see all the people. I also have never kept a journal so for all you Clarissa Explains It All types out there, tell me if this is the euphoria you felt at sixteen.

Lately I have been worried about

Jennifer Wilbanks and all the media attention that she is getting. I just caught a rebroadcast of the Katie Couric interview that ran earlier this month....a RE-broadcast!!! I'm sorry but it ran once, if people didn't watch the first time, why give her a second chance to weep and cry so anyone could feel sorry for her? Yeah, yeah it's a ratings getter but still I feel like I'm standing idly by and she is gaining sympathy. I suppose you could argue that one simple error in judgment is no big deal when it comes to true love and we should all just leave her alone. NO WAY! I'm generally a nice guy but when someone has the country all worked up over her fate in light of the recent Lacy Pederson case and costs a family and community so much grief, I kinda secretly wish a lifetime of ridicule and possibly a smidgen of graffiti for the rest of her days. "Crazy Bug Eyed Bitch With No Sense of Direction Lives Here". Seriously she had the worst "thought out" escape plan ever! And fiance John Mason, who still wants to marry her, please get a tele-marketer to call this guy! Here is one gullible sonuvabitch! Still, I hear that she stands to make a substantial sum of money off the book deal and the sure-to-be Lifetime Movie. Sigh...You can live your life being an honest, sane and noble person and die in obscurity or be a complete vagina and make lots of money and be a first hit when someone Google's you.

Hurricanes - It's like when you were in high school and you were getting ready to play against the first ranked team from the town next to you. Just because they kicked your ass last year, they have some sort of unalienable right to be all bad ass and imposing. Well, not so much this year hurricanes. Just because you were a freakin' nightmare doesn't mean that I will submit total control over my way of life to you this time...completely. I am a tad worried about the wind tunnel that Summerlin Ave becomes since most of the tree barrier was knocked down last time around but otherwise, I just don't think it's going to be that bad. You can't quote me on that. I'm just being all kinds of glass is half full this year.

Worms - I don't know what they are but there are these little "bags" stuck to the outside of my building and sometimes (but very rarely) inside my flat, along the baseboards usually. Diamond in shape, upon closer inspection you can sometimes see a, "worm" sticking out of it. Totally gross I know and the worst part is I cannot find anything on them when I do a search for bag worms, etc. I am sure that I'm not going to wake up in a cocoon any day soon but the fear of the unknown has me a little...worried.

Parking - Completely petty and the last thing I really want anyone to know I worry about but it's true and I'm honest like that. The building where I live has eight flats in it with the potential of sixteen people living there assuming we are talking about the nuclear family situation. Or the nuclear "couple" situation as I am positive that the landlady would never rent to "families." In our case, everyone in the building is single and not currently dating leaving myself and my roommate as the only double occupancy officially signed off on the lease. With that being said, parking should work out just about right figuring everyone has one vehicle; there are just about ten spots for parking (this includes a public street in front of the building). Ready to dig? Let's use codenames shall we? Upstairs "Nurse" lady has been letting her "okay" daughter and her "hippie" daughter stay with her for about a year...not on the lease...they each have one car. The other upstairs tenant who reminds me of an imitation version of "Gabrielle Soliz" only has one car but has a propensity (I would call it an addiction) to parking sideways in the parking lot. Ding! Next door to us is "Hey!" (because that is all he has said in the two years I've been here). "Hey!" owns two cars but when one is here, the other isn't and then it reverses. I'm not sure of the story there. Below us are the "Christians" who took over the flat from their predecessors who were also missionary types (I am assuming they sublet). They have two ghetto cars one of which never gets used, we just get to look at it and its trunk lid that will never close. Nice. They also have gaggles or "flocks" of people come over and stuff into their one bedroom flat which also makes parking difficult. I come home early when it's their turn to host the youth group. The next tenant is "Ralph" who gets mad if he doesn't get his favorite parking spot. He lives directly below me so like clockwork if he has to park somewhere else his door will slam making my wall shake, endangering my Precious Moments collectibles. He's a really boring guy and dresses only in browns...and he really isn't an autumn either. Sad. Also downstairs is "Sarge" who recently found a girlfriend and is now sharing a daybed with her. I really don't know how they manage because their place is incredibly small. Again, not on the lease but one additional parking spot taken. "Sarge" is an awesome guy though so I don't care. He goes out of his way to keep the unofficial vehicle parked away from the actual tenants when possible. Lastly is "Dick," not his real name. What can I say, he used to be involved with Gabby Soliz from upstairs but she broke it off so that's potential fun! He just somehow miraculously finds this flat to rent out of all the places in Orlando. "Dick" likes to park just a little over the line and right in front of people's bumpers so they can't maneuver in the jigsaw puzzle of a parking lot that our place has become. To make matters worse, a house down the street has also taken in some free loaders and has run out of places to park so they use the spaces in front of our building. Granted it is a public street but it leaves you with little option. Then there's me and my roommate. If you do it right, you can have five vehicles park along the wall out in the parking lot but you have to do it by starting really close to the recycle bins and no one wants to do that except for us....or I should say, no one gets the concept but us. If one of us gets home first, we set the parking structure by starting at the one end and moving forward. Pretty simple. Visualize people! If Gabby comes home first, she parks in one and 1/2 spots sideways. If "hippie" daughter gets home first she parks just over enough that you can only fit four cars in and someone is left to walk a block back to the building...that they are on the lease for...that they pay rent for, unlike her. This is why I hate telling people that I worry over parking, it seems so immaterial and takes too long to explain.

But I do feel better now! 'night!

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