Friday, September 23, 2005

This Day In Skinny Tie History: No. Thirty-Three


crit said...

happy birthday to the most SPECtacular member of vhat.

much much love on this happy day!

GreenLitLindy said...

You Sneaky Bastard!

You are 33!?!?

You are older than me?


I didn't know that today was your birthday! Can you jump out of your own cake for my benefit instead?


Love you pal!

All things mmmzdx,

mmzdx: The last couple of smacks of your lips prior to crashing due to taking prescription cold medicines.



kelly said...

i love you, betamike. today and everyday, but especially today.

stephanie said...

Hope you had an alt.wonderful birthday!!! Did that make any sense? My attempts at being cool are just that. You, b-day boy, are the coolest!

By the way, the word verification is "sexmml." Mmmm, go Michael, it's your birthday!