Friday, February 24, 2006

Skinny Tiedol is Idle

Hey Tiedol's!
If you are looking for your morning-after fix of American Idol, you won't find it here. No, I haven't thrown in the towel just because Patrick Hall was voted off. First. Instead of Bucky Copenhagen Distillery Grits Stupid Teeth Covington. Alongside Bobby "Copa Cabana" Bennett. No, that is not the reason (although a good one), I am simply on a short vacation entertaining the clan from Gravette that just happens to run through Thursday. This is something that I have never done in my year(s) of writing these things. Oh well, if I can go through withdrawls then you can go through them with me too. We'll all be miserable together!
However, I have an idea. To keep the momentum going, I invite everyone to post their own highlights from the show this week in the comments section! When I get back and forage through the performances, I'll post my own.
Next week...never fear, Skinny Tiedol will be back in true dyslexic form!
In the meantime, check the vid below for yet another reason not to watch the Tyra Banks show....Mikalah Gordon!!


coffeygirlb said...

Aw, damn, Myself and the husband were so looking forward to your take on last nights show. How bad did Ace SUCK??? Dane (the hubby)is a huge fan of yours now and thinks your hilarious. I'm not even gonna try and do my own thing cause it would just pale in comparison. Have fun with the fam and we'll be here when you're done!

Libby said...

I can't believe you don't plan your vacation time around American Idol! YOUR ADORING PUBLIC NEEDS YOU!
And what a week to miss (at least for the boys, I honestly can't remember a single performance from ladies' night). Elliot's mom getting fuh-klempt? Gideon completing the transition from human being to cyborg? Edge-of-your-seat anticipation that Chicken Little might actually sing "Let's Get It On?" The producers FINALLY picking up on the Chicken Little resemblence about two months after you did? Secrets ripping the clothes off of 16-year-old Will? Bucky Nascar all but admitting he's illiterate?
What a week, what a week.

betamike said...

Jesus Libbs, What did I miss!!! I am sad and lonely doing the ESPN convention at Festival of the Lion King waiting on baited breath to watch all 5 hours of American Idol some point. Thanks for the updates!

James said...

...and to top it all off, the sweet victory as one of AI's most deplorable contestants gets a big ass booting! Woo Hoo!