Monday, May 15, 2006

American Idol 05/16/06 - Idol Absence

No, I haven't completely given up hope (yet). I merely let life intervene for once and I'm taking full advantage of it. I will be back tomorrow night with a recap of sorts after the elimination round where I might...just might, touch on some of the naughty bits from tonight's show, should there be any. So American Idol for me tonight. No getting caught up in the McPheeever. No curled toe moments watching Elliott's mouth make awkward vowel shapes. Instead I will be out enjoying one of my favorite things in life...good music.
UPDATE! (05/17/06)
I finally woke from my music/IHOP hang over (recap on that coming soon-ish) to view what I assume is an amazing Idol night based on the number of emails and pages that I got. What I can tell you after watching is that the Song Choice Gods (Clive Davis, Dawg Jackson) were looking down on Taylor Hicks tonight. How could I not have suspected that Bruce Springsteen would be the perfect skin for Taylor to wiggle (boogie?) into. "You Are So Beautiful" ... Joe Cocker! ... are you kidding me with this?! It doesn't take psychic Bobbie Mae to tell you that tonight was Taylor's night!
Now more than ever I believe that Katharine McPhee is evil incarne asada. Has no one caught on to this yet? This situation describes it perfectly:
Randy: "I know the song choice was not right for you...."
Katharine: "...but I didn't pick it!"
Paula: "Ugh...Katharine, this is tough for me to say..."
Katharine: "You've been really hard on me lately!!!"
Whaaaa?! Knowing that Paula Babool is an emotional punching bag she shame shame shames her into submission finally resulting in a simple "You're incredible" comment for Katharine. A bright red glow forms behind Kat's retinas. Katharine ends up weak with her song choice of "I've Got Nothing But The Blues" which is optimistic news for the he-man woman hater's club but her easily attained good performance of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" may help her sail on, sail on. A two in one punch really: equally becoming the official Gay-approved Mandisa replacement and at the same time winning the award for taking the easy road to success by singing a song that even Stephen Hawking could make sound delightful. Yes, I know. It wasn't her song choice.
Poor Elliott Yamin. "Open Arms," the Journey song sung my a million elevators Nation-wide should have been an easy out for him but unfortunately his pipes were rusty. Maybe what Simon said after his last performance tonight won't be a self -fulfilling prophecy: "Your songs will not carry you through to the final round but you are a great guy, you're a great singer and you will have made your mum very proud by your performances during this competition!" That's they best send off I could ever imagine. Especially from Simon!

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coffeygirlb said...

Do you wanna cry, because I do, I did. My HUSBAND did. Katherine is so not the one. I don't think that anyone who saw tonights show wasn't moved by Elliot. He's such an obviously great guy, and has such heart and soul. Ok, it's just wrong. If Taylor dosen't win then I don't know what i'll do. I cannot stand the world being duped by a shiny haired fem-bot TWO years in a row. I hope you watch the show before you read this.